Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What styles of locks do you work with?

A. We currently have over 30 lock finishes and styles. From deadbolts to handle locks, bronze to gold, we likely work with something that the inner designer in you will enjoy.

Q. How does the Smart Intercom work and will it work for my building?

A. We're glad you asked. The Slick Intercom currently works with newer intercom systems that can make phone calls. If you can give a phone number to your building manager, our Slick Intercom can work with it. Just connect your property to the intercom feature to get a number, provide it to your building manager and start making codes, setup who it calls if it fails or sign up for notifications when your guests arrive.

Q. How does your system save energy?

A. You’ll have to purchase one of several types of thermostats, plugs, or light switches to start saving money. If you purchase a thermostat, light switches and/or plugs along with a lock and hub, everything is programmed to operate automatically when the door locks/unlocks from the outside. When the guest leaves and locks the door, the thermostat is set back, lights are turned off and energy is saved. When your guests return, the thermostat is set to standard room temperature and the entry light is turned on.

Q. What if the guest locks the door from the inside?

A. No worries, the room only turns off if locked using the keypad from outside the unit.

Q. Can my guests still control their own heat and air conditioning?

A. Yes! Once inside the unit they can set it to whatever they like; it will already be set to a standard room temperature for them.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. If it’s new and unopened you can return it within 30 days of invoice to receive a refund for the full product value (minus your cost to ship it back to us). New unopened merchandise returned between 31-60 days will receive a credit for the full product value. Merchandise returned within 30 days that has been opened but is in new condition, in original packaging complete with all included accessories may be returned with a restocking fee of 15-25% based on condition. If you believe you have a defective product, please email or call us and we will help you troubleshoot the problem. We may also ask that you contact the manufacturer for final troubleshooting. If at this point the product is deemed defective within 30 days of invoice, it may be refunded or replaced at our expense including shipping. Final determination of defective status is at our discretion and that of the product manufacturer. Merchandise that has been installed, used, marred, altered, or damaged cannot be returned and falls under manufacturer's warranty. This includes the product packaging and materials so please do not write on, or attach labels to any product packaging or documentation.

Q. What hardware are you going to ship me? Where is your store?

A. The online store is coming soon, but for now, purchase through our Kickstarter campaign. You’ll either get a Weiser/Kwiset or Yale deadbolt with a Samsung SmartThings Hub that will integrate with our software. We’ll pair everything for you and then send it your way, so that you just need to install the lock and plug in the hub. It will start talking to our system right after that. Log into your account and take control of your property from anywhere in the world.

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